In the News: August 6, 2015

Extinction linked to Warming Events through Time

Scientists have discovered that rapid warming events led to extinction of multiple species, including mammoths, throughout time by the analysis of fossils and climate data from ice and sediment.

Companies Investing Money to Fight Climate Change

More than a dozen US companies, including Google, Bank of America, and Walmart have pledged to invest $140 billion to fight climate change, such as financing renewable energy plants or purchasing 100% of their energy from renewable resources.

Scientists Say Fires in Alaska is Yet Another Sign of Climate Change

This summer, Alaskan wildfires have burned nearly 5 million acres, an area larger than Connecticut. Climate change is leading to the wildfires and other phenomenon such as the erosion of Alaskan coastlines and the destabilization of permafrost.

Obama Unveils the Clean Power Plan

The Obama administration unveiled a new plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. Find out more here.

Scientists Look Into How Drought Affects Trees

Drought affects trees’ ability to grow and intake carbon, which could speed up climate change.

Greenpeace Members Protest Arctic Drilling

Greenpeace members rappelled down a bridge in an attempt to block Shell’s icebreaker.. Greenpeace has been fined $17,500.

The Phenomenon of Ghost Fishing

Fishermen’s discarded nets threaten wildlife.

Climate Change Past the Point of No Return

From heat waves to drought, the world is suffering from climate change in scary ways.

Tragic Record-Setting Polar Bear

A polar bear made a record setting dive of 3 minutes, but only out of necessity.